Ukraine banned?

I tried to test jet app but I have “Jet Protocol is not available in your region”. I already couple years on crypto and it is popular issue that projects ban Ukraine but then make research and understand that they should ban only Crimea region of Ukraine which ocuppied by Russia and after this projects ussually unban ukrainian users. So may be it is possible to make app available for Ukraine except Crimea. Thank you.


We’d love to. It’s a tricky technical problem, though. @jrmoreau do you think there’s anything we can do?

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Duly noted @Vilagra - thanks for sharing your concerns - we’ll get back to you!

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Please open testing for Ukraine, we want to test Jet Protocol !!! :slightly_smiling_face:


We’re working on it!

not sure if this would work but, what about a VPN?
would that solve the issue

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