An update for the community

Hi all,

I wanted to write to inform the community that I officially stepped away from Jet on September 1st, 2023. I’d been phasing out my involvement for most of the year. James, Mike, and I started this project in 2021 to build next generation DeFi software and I’m proud of what we built as a team.

As time progressed my interests changed significantly and after thinking it through I decided that working on a protocol, or any DeFi protocol, just wasn’t what I wanted to be doing.

Many of the earliest key contributors who took part in building Jet are still very much involved with and are driving the project forward. This includes engineering team members to those involved in the governance process from an operational and strategic standpoint. The fixed rate fixed term development cycle was a longer and harder slog than any of us anticipated, but the team delivered the completed product.

As for the current leadership situation, James is and remains the CEO of Jet Protocol Holdings, LLC (Jet’s development shop), a role he’s held in an interim capacity for the past 9 months in my absence, with Mike taking over as COO. James and Mike are laser focused on what comes next for adoption of Jet and the need for additional, fresh perspectives on how to drive the ecosystem forward.

All the best,