Jet DAO's First Community Call Announcement

Hello Jet Forum! We are happy to introduce Jet’s Community Calls with our kickoff Jet Fundamentals Community Call on Wednesday April 6th for the Jet Association. More details on time and location to come later this week.

Community Call Agenda will include

— Jet Fundamentals
— Governance
— Assets
— Jet V2 Features
— Q&A to give stage to the Community

Stay tuned for pre-call content to be shared before the Community Call! Also feel free to drop questions for the Q&A session here in the Jet Forum, Discord, or on this Google Form

Thank you!


Looking forward to learn more about V2. Will the same shared liquidity pool model be used? If so how will more volatile/risky assets be onboarded? Would a catastrophic failure of one of the collateral assets (bug, hack, etc.) have negative consequences for all users of the protocol?


Thank you for submitting your questions! These are fundamental questions for a fundamentals call. I will reply w more details regarding the community call to keep you updated.

@flightclub the Community Call will be tomorrow at 3pm UTC / 11am EST / 8am PST hosted on our Jet Association YouTube. Recap will be posted on YouTube shortly after! If you can’t make it I will go ahead and DM you a response after the call.