Jet Forums Code of Conduct

I’d like to hear thoughts on what a code of conduct for the forums might look like.

Some high level points that come to mind:

  • Always respect others
  • No obscene language
  • No personal attacks
  • Staying on topic within a thread
  • No promotional or unrelated links
  • No spam or posts that don’t meaningfully contribute to the conversation or community.

I think there’s more to this. Any community members interested in submitting a proposal? I would be happy to help and provide feedback.


@adamdelsol thanks for kicking this off - a good resource I like to reference when starting down this path is Your Code of Conduct | Open Source Guides

Any other guides or best practices we’ve seen work well in practice in the crypto community?


@jrmoreau hadn’t come across the guide before so thanks for sharing. One thing I noticed from a glance though is that sometimes not given enough consideration is what are the consequences of transgressions. Also think it should also be clear as to the consequences of breaches and that they should be enforced. It was pleasing to see the unhelpful comment that had been left as the first reply in this thread has been deleted - which definitely breached 2 items from @adamdelsol list! It really does help to keep the flow of the conversation going.


Yeah I removed those as a mod. Long term this forum and our governance process will directing a valuable protocol and hopefully many other ecosystem projects that tie into it. We need to make sure that anything detracting from positive momentum, effective decision making, quality conversation, etc is removed without having an oppressive atmosphere of censorship.


I’ve never bothered to read a discord code of coduct in my entire life, except for this one:


I like the idea of a short list - the original six were a pretty good start. Made me think of:

  • Please maintain a collaborative atmosphere by being friendly and helpful
  • Please curate clear threads by staying on topic and avoiding spam
  • Please share your ideas by creating new threads

The mods reserve the right to move or delete comments if necessary.


not bad. yeah I think reserving the right to make mod decisions respects the reality that it’s very hard to imagine every scenario where content posted might work against the agreed aims of the forum.

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I want to push back on the idea that a code of conduct has to be short so people will read it.

I think the reality is that CoCs are rarely read preemptively. I think most people generally know how to behave in a respectful and cooperative manner without ever reading them.

In my opinion a code of conduct serves more as a reference for when it becomes necessary to ensure productive communication.

That isn’t to say we should write a book but I don’t necessarily assume that brevity is an important goal.

For example when a mod does move or delete a comment it should be relatively easy to reference an aspect of the CoC as justification. It doesn’t necessarily need to be articulated with every action but should a community member question an action, moderators have the resource.


if it helps mods do their job effectively, then that’s a good outcome.


Yeah, I can see that.

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I think it’s worth noting @eyevzz’s recent comment in another thread here.

Personally I think we need to be careful about something like this. I think it’s possible the comment in question was made either out of ignorance or assumption.

I also understand the danger of misleading information sitting in a forum where there is no guarantee that the rebuttal would also be reviewed.

I’d like to hear more community perspectives on this potential piece of the code of conduct.


I’d probably go to the heart of the intention of the user. if it was clearly malicious then that’s grounds for removal for sure. If it’s just ignorance or mistake, that’s one of those “he who is without sin” situations. I wouldn’t want to stifle people’s willingness to voice their thoughts for fear of being booted if they introduced a datapoint that was false.


Agree :slight_smile:

I would love to submit a proposal on this if there isn’t a CoC yet. I promise it won’t be a novel, but I def think these suggestions need to be fleshed out a bit more and should serve as a clear point of reference, as Adam mentioned.

Won’t be able to do this though for at least another week!


Awesome. I look forward to reading it.

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Hey winfred -

look forward to reading as well! also willing to lend a hand helping you construct the CoC if needed


very much looking forward to it @Winfred !

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