Launch Collateral for Jet Protocol

Given plans for the launch of Jet Protocol on mainnet we wanted to gather some feedback on the usage of SOL as the primary collateral type to be borrowed against and USDC and/or USDT being the stables borrowed.

Given the successful adoption of these crypto assets, what other assets would you like to see added to the platform in the following weeks and months?


Please start with $SOL $FTT $renBTC and $USDC, $USDT and $UST. You need to get critical TVL for liquidity on each side.


$SOL, $BTC, $ETH are the top selection for Jet Protocol. Any kind of Ethereum Defi bluechips such as $UNI, $AAVE, etc will work as well. This will help achieve a great capital flow from Eth system to Sol system


$SOL $FTT $ETH and $BTC will be a good start.


Am happy to be part of this great project at the very good beginning❤️

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COPE is a good project…

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Judging by this Dashboard | Solana Beach

Raydium would be a good candidate with a significant amount of holders and volume.

Solanium has a large distribution but not much volume. I’m assuming from their airdrop.

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Just not sure how much raydium is locked up in farms.

It would be nice to see some coins from the solana ecosystem to accompany well established ones from other blockchain / cross-chain.

Dependent on how they go, perhaps $PAI, $SRM & $RAY as mentioned before


+1 for $PAI, $SRM & $RAY

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Hi Jet team,

Would be great to add $STEP as collateral and we are happy assist the launch marketing too. Recently this was done with Acumen and their TVL went from 3k to 1.5m mainly due to STEP users depositing STEP at high rates and borrowing in a few leverage loops.


Hi everyone,

Obviously like a lot of us i think $PAI is one of the asset that should be accepted as collateral as it tend to be one of most liquid stablecoins (at least in a near future) thanks to be deployed on a lot of fastly gorwing protocols on Solana (Saber, mercurial, etc…).

Another good assets could be the $stSOL (stacked SOL) from marinade even if it’s not available on mainnet (yet :slight_smile:) but that kind of assets for collateral is very good as it will allow to slowly payback the debt (or mitigate volatility) with its underlying interest growing overtime and it will enforce user to participate in the security of the network by stacking there $SOL rather than using it directly. I think it’s a very good incentive wheel.

Last be not least $SOL and $renBTC/BTC could be good ones too.

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I second that… STEP would bring liquidity quickly especially as big changes happen on the 29th


I think it may be substantial, because it has relatively low volumes.

I kind of like that list.

First try it with a stable coin like usdc usdt then proceed to SOL as it’s a must. Next will come SPL tokens like SRM, RAY.

$PAI $USDC $USDT all of this will be a good start

My suggestions for intial stages : SOL, FTT, SRM, RAY


I would like to see: STEP, SOL, FTT, SRM, RAY, USDC, MER.

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We love $COPE also $SERUM $RAY $SUSHI

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