Collateral Asset Onboarding Template Proposal

Hello Jet Community,

I would like to propose the following template to be used to submit collateral assets for onboarding consideration.

All feedback is welcome and encouraged.

Collateral Asset Onboarding Template

Collateral Asset Profile

  • Collateral Name (and symbol):
  • Collateral Short Description:
  • Total Value in Circulation:
  • Total Value on Solana:
  • Price Oracle Feeds:


Detailed description of the asset and the reason(s) the Jet Commmunity should consider onboarding it.

Use Cases

Description(s) of who will use the asset as collateral and for what purpose it will be borrowed against.

Official Links

  • Link to Asset Marketing Site
  • Link to White Paper
  • Link to Asset Community

Relevant Metrics

  • Total Value In Circulation:
  • Total Value Locked:
  • Age of Asset:
    List sources for metrics in #Additional-Links


  • Technical Risk:
  • Counterparty Risk:
  • Liquidity Risk:
  • Price Feed Risk:
  • Bridge Risk:
  • Other Risk:

Additional Links

  • Any links used for reference or research in this creation of this proposal.
  • Links to any available audits of the project.

suitable mortgage rate?

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I like this — indicates where the proposer is coming from. Simple, valuable, and efficient for better understanding the context of the proposal.

As part of this, could ask on what exchanges the asset is listed.

e.g., legal / jurisdictional risk; also, could ask who is the interested party for the collateral application

^^^these comments inspired by the current RAI proposal on the Maker forum:


Exchange Info: CEX, DEX - gives an indication of liquidity risk. If the token is only traded only on UniSwap vs. UniSwap/FTX/Binance/Raydium there is a different risk associated with it.

Otherwise this is comprehensive Adam.


For proposals suggesting cross-chain assets with low % of supply currently on Solana, it would be useful to add links to the bridges available (on an “if any” basis)! It’ll mostly be wormhole, but also possibly renbridge etc! The more established the bridges, the more convincing the proposal is.

When in the process do we quantify the risk profile of the asset? And the proposed LTV?


this is great, covers all the high points and is digestible for most users

i like the idea of onboarding some risk analysts to the DAO to research the risks listed, because it’s valuable to the greater ecosystem as a whole and not just Jet

perhaps the risk analyses can link to more granular data for the market minded folks


This is perfect. Looking forward to experience the UI


Hi! Would you mind explaining a little more about what you mean by this? I’m new to this, so apologies if I’m missing something obvious.

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Maybe, Regulatory Risk?

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Do you think we should include to or at least optionally include any significantly liquid dex/cex that list the asset, should there be a liquidity threshold?

Yes, I think available bridges is a good field for when appropriate.

This is a good question. My instinct is that early on collateral candidates will undergo risk analysis after the community votes on them. Risk analysis resources will be limited and gating that behind a community interest vote makes sense to me. Otherwise if the party submitting the proposal wants to include some risk analysis, that would make their proposal more attractive. What do you think?

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Some type of liquidity threshold or test. This makes sense, especially if being used as collateral. What good is any collateral IMO if we / the prog cannot liquidate?


I agree with what you say.

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I also agree with you


Seems very thorough Adam. Good job.

I suppose the details are ultimately only useful if Jet does a good job of vetting them.

One thing I’d like to know before giving the green light, though I don’t know exactly how to phrase the question, would be: who owns the most tokens, and what are the lock up parameters?

From what I understand, a risk to the protocol overall is a particular collateral dropping in value too quickly, and if one token had a single very large holder, this risk would be increased.


This is a good point. Perhaps something like ‘Token Distribution Risk’?


I would like to call a vote on the above collateral onboarding template. Please know that this template can be edited and updated in the future.

Jet Community Poll (5 days to vote)

Accept or Reject the above template as part of the community onboarding process:

  • Accept
  • Reject

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I agree sir. absolutly


In accordance with you

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I am fully in accordance…