Wrapped ETH as a collateral asset

I would like to start a thread to discuss adding ETH as collateral.

As some of you may know Jet Protocol previously had Sollet wrapped ETH as a collateral asset but since the token was deprecated it has since been off-boarded. See this thread for more info.

Wormhole ETH is an option. There has been some discussion here.

Are their other versions we should consider? Do we comfortable with wormhole as an option?

Would anyone be interested in submitting a proposal for a wrapped ETH collateral asset?


Safe to assume that Wormhole ETH is what Solend uses too?

I’m generally in favor of more cross-chain integrations and think that they can be quite effective in attracting new capital.


Would someone be willing to run through an asset onboarding application for wrapped ETH? If Wormhole ETH is best, we should see how it stacks up.


@dobby revisiting this as ETH still has not been re-applied to be an asset on Jet - interested if you’d want to run with the application?


happy to take this on, let me know if anyone else wants to help.


Hey bobby
Great initiative to carry the flag with the wETH application. I’m also happy to contribute.
Due to the number of token holders, the liquidity that Wrapped ETH has in Serum and Orca, and its level of DeFi integration, I think it will be interesting to bring this proposal to the community.