What metrics of Jet should we monitor and collect?

Hey Jetters,

Part of community governance is monitoring performance of the protocol. Metrics will also help inform decisions made by the DAO in the future.

These metrics should be easily accessible, perhaps on a dashboard somewhere. And also collected over time to provide historical data.

What do you think are some of the most important metrics to track and why?

  • Daily stats per token:
    TVL, Deposit APR, Borrow APR, Utilization rate, Rewards APR (once these would be enabled), Price, liquidations count (both number of liquidations and $ value)
  • Addition of new tokens to the platform
  • Active depositors & borrowers (in terms of wallets)
  • % of users suffered liquidation
  • Fees earned by liquidators
    I would also recommend integrating to DeepDAO to track all the DAO specific metrics, such as active members, proposals, votes etc.

Everything that CryptoWombat mentioned, as line charts over time.

  • number of transactions over time
  • % of wallets per token that is just lending, but not borrowing

Thanks all, this is great. We’re starting to execute on this.

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