Jet Single-Sided Incentives

Jet core team to allocate 10% of DAO treasury (45 million Jet tokens) as liquidity incentives for a single-sided Jet staking program to last a 52 week period.

This will effectively create token demand and stabilize token volatility. Mercenary liquidity will come and go which is natural with all incentivizing projects, but Jet needs on-chain participation outside of CEXs.

Please express concerns below and edits to the proposed DAO treasury liquidity incentives.


this makes sense to me - single-sided incentives are integral for emerging DeFi protocols like Jet. given the large DAO treasury allocation (450 million jet tokens), yield can be conservative and long term as long as people begin to delegate outside of CEXs.

any frens agree?

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Yep, in today’s DeFi environment it’s very difficult to attract decent liquidity without a reasonable liquidity program. Just look at what happened to Solend TVL - it was increased 3 fold since they announced the liquidity mining and the retroactive airdrop.