Governance rewards and levels of investment

Hey guys, Im looking to invest in this project and was wondering if there has been any conversation on what sort of influence different levels of investment would give to someone who wants to be involved in terms of rewards, voting rights, etc. Very excited to see this sort of lending platform on solana.


Hi BigHitter,

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The Jet token is a governance token. The governance module to enable token voting has not released yet.

Rewards for governance participation are being considered by the Jet team but nothing has been announced in this regard.

If you haven’t I would recommend reviewing this recent medium article.

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Thanks adam, I’ve gone through just about all of the JET material as well as calls so far! I probably asked too early since this project is just beginning. Nonetheless I’m excited for what you guys are building. Since I began my defi journey I’ve been looking for something that felt “grown up” to create predictable and sustainable growth of my portfolio and thus far it’s been Aave. Since I discovered Solana, (and sort of become a solana maxi) I’ve been looking for the same within the ecosystem and I think I’ve found it here. I want to be apart of this project from the beginning.

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I’m happy to have you here and I think your analysis is spot on. Please keep having and starting conversations in the forums. For now I think this is the best way we can grow the Jet community.

Over time there will no doubt be many opportunities within the Jet community and governance.