Wallet Adapter Onboarding Governance Discussion


I would like to begin the discussion around a governance process for considering wallet adapters to be onboarded to the Jet Protocol owned web front end.

While this may seem trivial since the protocol is open to any wallet on any given interface, we should strive to ensure users of protocol owned interfaces have a good experience. To that end, we as a DAO should strike a balance between quantity and quality of wallets available in the Jet UI.

Below is the beginning of a wallet onboarding application template. We will likely hold votes to keep or remove existing wallet adapters that the core team has already implemented.

Please provide any and all feedback, edits and additions you may have.

[Wallet Adapter Onboarding Proposal] Wallet Name


Tags: wallet-adapter-onboarding

Submission Date: $MM-DD-YY

Ratification Date: $MM-DD-YY


Forum URL:

Application Profile

1. What is your motivation for submitting this application?

2. What is your association to the wallet developer?

Wallet Developer Profile

1. Is the Wallet Integrated into the Solana Wallet Adapter?

2. Who or what is the company, organization or developer behind the wallet?

3. Is the wallet open source?

4. What is the funding model for continued development of the wallet?

5. Are there any metrics available related the use of the wallet?


Link to the wallet developer’s website:

Link to the wallet developer’s social media:

Link to the wallet Github repo:

Link to the wallet within the Solana Wallet Adapter repo:


This is fantastic. Thanks Adam, this is going to help going forward.