Rating Jet Protocol’s maturity with DAOmeter

Hey Jet community,

I’m Ann, the Governance Researcher on the StableLab team, and we recently launched DAOmeter, a maturity rating system for DAOs.

The goal of DAOmeter is to serve as a public good by providing an effective method of evaluating and benchmarking the maturity levels of various protocols. This is achieved through a scoring system that encompasses key categories within protocols, such as Community, Voting, Documentation, Security, and more.

Based on our evaluation, Jet has earned a maturity score of 54%. Some areas of improvement that can be made include public financial reporting and having a proper security module in place. However we know you guys are also in the process of expanding!

I want to clarify that a lower score doesn’t necessarily mean that Jet Protocol is less decentralized. We provide a 40-page report on the breakdown of the score and the research methods behind DAOmeter, which you can find here.

As we’re committed to the continuous improvement and development of this tool, we’d love to hear from the broader community. Please feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions, and insights with us as we work to improve the DAOmeter scoring system.



Ann thank you for posting! The community should definitely digest this and come back with more ideas to better convey the points of decentralization that we collectively value.

Hi and thanks for doing this. Just wanted to point out a couple items on Jet’s full report that you may want to revisit:

  • In “documentation” category - “Is the code repository of governance public?” The report states “no” but the jet-governance repo is publicly available.

  • In the “voting” category it states that JetDAO voting operates using “tokens owned” as opposed to “token staked.” But JET tokens must be staked in order to vote, as mentioned in the voting page of the JetDAO documentation.

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6. Is there a formal onboarding process?

Mistaken for BitDAO.
Jet onboarding process:

With a very detailed onboarding template:


Hello Ann!

Thank you for taking the time to include JetDAO in the DAOMeter - great tool for improving DAO development and exposure!

Few notes:

  1. Should we change the title from Jet Protocol to JetDAO? Precisely, JetDAO is the body that “owns” and runs by the governance design.
  2. Point 3 - Do regular contributors exist? - No

From: DAOMeter Methodology “A regular contributor as at least two approved proposals from the same service provider/contributor in a year. Our model allows Yes and No for this subcategory.” Stablelab has proposed and onboarded >2 assets during the last year. See DAI - USDT. In case StableLab doesn’t count, I have proposed to onboard $soBTC and $USDC.

  1. Point 6 - Is there a formal onboarding process? - Basic: BitDAO

According to the DAOMeter Methodology, “Documentation Per Role” refers to proper documentation of the onboarding process per each role, such as delegates and developers. In the case of JetDAO, documentation has been uploaded and counts with a detailed description of each process and role. See jetdao.fi.

  1. Point 7 - Is there a formal offboarding process? - Refers to BitDAO

However, JetDAO has off-boarded $FTT and $soBTC. Thanks for the recall. The framework used in both cases should be uploaded to the official website. See $FTT Off-Board.

Again, thanks @StableLab for the post and including JetDAO in the DAOMeter :pray:

Hello, thank you @Marco @ivan . Seems like there was an error on the backend that led to different protocol. We have fixed it DAOmeter

Thank you.

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