Question on Roadmap for JET -- Onboarding, voting etc

Hi All~

Question on the road ahead. Seems like there’s been a bit of a slowdown since the airdrop.

Is there a timetable for when already posted proposals will be put up for voting?

I see that there’s backlog of proposal requests to onboard collateral dating back to December '21.

It’d be great to get an update from the team soon.



Hey soze,

Thank you for creating an account and posting for the first time in the Jet Forum!

We recently introduced the Collateral Onboarding Domain Evaluation Criteria (CODEC) when evaluating assets for onboarding.

Currently, we are coordinating with projects to take note of the recently introduced CODEC and update their application if need be. We understand asking for an update for the application or an entirely new application is not the best experience but it is needed to better evaluate new assets. You will be noticing a lot more activity in the Jet Forum within the coming days / week.

We did have plans to introduce the first off-chain Jet Forum community poll this week to then proceed with an on-chain vote after 7 days - however, to respect everyone’s morale due to market conditions, we will be waiting a bit for things to settle.

We have comms and plans ready to begin the process for the first on-chain JetDAO vote -

so tl;dr
real soon

Hope this was helpful!

  • alexis


Thank you for the response. Looking forward to participating as things get going