Issues withdrawing funds from v1

If you believe you are experiencing a bug, please use the following template:

  • Wallet: Phantom

  • Browser: Chrome

  • Device Used: Ledger

  • Pubkey: H3AS1sUDDmrhjxjPvtgka3vitAiDwgYq9epmU8k6qJGD

  • Issue Summary: I used Jet quite a bit back in 2021 and still have 162 SOL deposited in v1. I’ve been trying to withdraw them, but any attempts using the GUI end up submitting RefreshReserve instructions instead. See here: Solscan

Am I missing something?

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I had to submit several RefreshReserve transactions before I was able to submit a withdraw instruction. Probably something that has to be done by users regularly but, given that there aren’t any users on v1 anymore, I had to refresh all the reserves.

Leaving this up for anybody that is in the same boat.


Taking a look - will circle back

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I appreciate you posting the solution that worked for you here - thank you

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