Dapp not Working

I can’t withdraw any of my funds on JET. Only using it with SOL deposits. Getting error every time I try to withdraw

Hey, may you please share your wallet address. Is this app. or v1.?

v2 and 4aHksoGf1nxuDyunoJrdngWwPMvyJb7emaRhRwmn9AKK

Hello??? Why can’t I use the dapp?

The Dapp is still not working at all, I can’t even withdraw my SOL

are you on the correct Phantom wallet? I’ve had problems where I forgot I had multiple Phantom wallets and naturally I couldn’t withdraw. Are you using the same browser? did you try changing the RPC node? Do you have a bit of Sol in your wallet you are withdrawing to?

Did you get any help?

@flightdeck_walt our latest deployment fixes a few issues with withdrawing. May you please withdraw and let me know if you still encounter errors.