Cannot withdraw token from platform

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  • Username: Hti655y9Kgva3vnThDje33w43RLXUKj1jtr6ya6KaTvJ

  • Wallet: Phantom

  • Browser: Google Chrome v 116.0.5845.141 (64-bit)

  • Device Used: PC, MS Windows 11 Home

  • Pubkey: B4P4miyudoJTSpiuchDJs4HvxhSvyStni49LtEVoYVM

  • Issue Summary: Cannot withdraw 1342.39 Zebec tokens

  • File Attachment:


Hey Sandell!
I hope you were able to withdraw. I suggest doing a refresh on the website / wallet.
cc @nevi-me @K-Jetta

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Hello Marco

That does not help. It seems Zebec withdrawal does not work because of the amount of liquidity in there? My 1347 deposited tokens is have of the net amount of tokens in there. When withdrawing, its all grayed out and the mouse-over icon changes to, what looks like, a ‘no access’ logo.
Other tokens can be withdrawn as per usual. Pls advise tx.


I see the liquidity Is there. Let’s wait until a dev can take a quick look to it

Hey @Marco @Sandell I apologise for the delay. I’ll provide feedback shortly.

From taking a look, it appears to be an issue with the UI. There is sufficient liquidity on the pool, however the number input for the tokens seems disabled when I try it. I’ll come back with an update when this is fixed.

Hey @Sandell the issue is now fixed. You should be able to withdraw ZBC


Thank You Wakahisa. I managed to successfully withdraw the ZBC.

Regards Sean

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