Educational Material

Just wanted to voice an idea relating to the Jet app.

I think it could be a good idea to have some form of tab under the settings spanner which contains information that helps newcomers understand the platform as well as the rationale behind concepts which are at play, including the C-ratio which is displayed on the top right, a guide of sorts.

Just a brief layman introduction to the basics and concepts in an Investopedia type fashion I think could allow for a greater onboarding of users which are not from traditional finance backgrounds.



I like that. And I believe the team is working on it.


for sure. a great thing about solana is it is attracting so many newcomers to defi. Many of us have a background degen-ing on eth so we often forget there’s a massive learning curve for a lot of folks.

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@Gazzm8 If you’d like to help, we could probably use some hands on hackerMD collaborations. @jrmoreau @wil ya?