Web3 Wallets Emergence

Hello Community

I bring this topic today to open up the discussion on how you the community believe Jet should continue to deal with the rapid emergence and adoption of new wallets on Solana.

As you already probably noticed, CoinBase has launched an announcement that they are now supporting Solana dApps. Together with Phantom, Sollet, Exodus, Solflare, MathWallet, and now Brave, I’m wondering: should Jet also consider adding CB wallet? Or should we question whether the equation Greater Integrated Wallets = Greater Adoption of protocols is not so accurate? Should we proceed to a community vote to decide which wallets we want to use? Should we filter by open source and closed? Several questions come to mind when we talk about these issues, so I invite you to leave your opinion in the comments.
Have a good day :smiley:
Link to CB Wallet & Solana.