Unable to create new account

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  • Username: Dereek69

  • Wallet: 63orjLeBBtgGGvjqhL9a81uD8f4GnQtsYnowqJcAAFiK

  • Browser: Opera 99.0.4788.31 / Phantom Mobile / Firefox 113.0.2

  • Device Used: Desktop - Windows 10

  • Pubkey:

  • Issue Summary: When clicking on “Create account” on Jet Protocol it loads forever and never prompt me with a transaction to send to open the account.
    The browser console also spits out an error when clicking it

  • File Attachment:

Hey, is this happening consistently? I’ve just checked and was able to create a new account.

The “Pools not loaded” message might be a hint that there was a network error loading some data.

Today is the first time i tried to use Jet Protocol. But it happened on 3 different browsers (Opera Desktop, Phantom Mobile, Firefox desktop) after multiple refreshes and browser restart.
This is the full list of events from the console

Sorry for the delay, we’ll have to investigate this in some detail as I’m unable to reproduce it on my end. I’ll reply with an update tomorrow.

for sure. If you need me to test something let me know