UI: Percentage slider, insufficient sol for tx, deposited decimal digits display

  • Username: ivan

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  • Issue Summary:

  1. The percentage slider points are only at 0% and 100%

  2. “You don’t have enough SOL in your wallet to cover transaction fees.”
    Message should be specific - which amount is required?
    And a different color for highlight (red?).

  3. Accounts - All Balances:
    BTC Deposit 0,0001 shows 0
    USD VALUE displays correct value
    And maybe desc sort the all balance overview?


Hi Ivan, thanks for taking the time to provide feedback!

I am submitting a PR right now that addresses your second comment - I agree that the message should be specific about the amount required.

We are also discussing #3 internally about how to best round - but again we agree with you that it should not round the value all the way to zero.

As for #1, can you please include a photo? I am not sure what you mean. I think the slider was disabled due to having too little SOL in your wallet for transactions.

Sure, i think a video is more useful: jet_bug_percentageSlider

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