Pyth Oracle Requirement - Asset Onboarding Application Update

Dear Community,

We have revised our Asset Onboarding Application template and modified the Asset Liquidity section. Question #4 lacked clarity around an asset’s oracle requirements.

Until future platform releases, only Pyth-enabled assets can be onboarded to the protocol.

We have made the following edit to the documentation related to the asset onboarding framework so that this requirement is clearly stated and applicants are informed beforehand:

Original Question: Which oracles monitor the asset? How many feeds are available?

Updated Question: A Pyth oracle is required to successfully onboard an asset to the Jet Protocol. Confirm there is an active Pyth Oracle price feed, or provide insight into the asset’s timeline for onboarding to Pyth.

We consulted our engineering team on this requirement after seeing several applications request onboardings utilizing other oracles than Pyth. Adding additional oracles to the platform requires a careful implementation due to the possible risks introduced. This work will be addressed at a later date, after the current scope of work on the engineering roadmap is released.

Jet encourages interested parties to contact the DAO and express their interest in onboarding your asset even if this hard requirement cannot yet be fulfilled. Pyth is supporting projects with assets applying to JetDAO for onboarding new price feeds to their oracles; assistance is available.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.