Prioritizing a DEX listing

Hi team, its me again, with one more proposal.

A lot of people in the community feel we need to list on a DEX. Orderbook depth of AscendEx is terrible causing wild price swings. When asked in the discord we get this reply

" 1. We are not maintaining or guaranteeing any DEX listings of JET token but if you do find JET token listed on any DEX’s, please verify that it’s actually the JET token you think by confirming the mint address is: JET6zMJWkCN9tpRT2v2jfAmm5VnQFDpUBCyaKojmGtz"

Why is it not possible that possible that JET is listed on DEX? Given the fact that the entire premise of JET is based on DeFi on Solana, I find it perplexing that we have settled for an illiquid orderbook of a centralized entity.

What is stopping us from getting listed on a DEX?

RAY, ORCA are both great options.

Decent liquidity is the need of the hour for JET.

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Hi Ezio,

Just making sure you are aware that Orca has recently added a market and incentivized liquidity pool for the Jet token.

I think we as a community appealing to DEXes like raydium and orca directly can help increase the number of options.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention :slight_smile:


The DEX I use the most is Symmetry, would be handy to have JET listed on Serum so that Symmetry could offer it as well (as they layer on top of serum). It will be especially important for when they decide to introduce indices/baskets. That feature will be a great innovation and having JET not included in any baskets is a missed opportunity IMO.

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Hope it happens.

BTW sad thing is there is no real depth in any of these pools.

Wish the team would add a liquidity of 1mn at ORCA, RAY, SRM for less slippage…

The Orca listing came from someone mentioning it here in the forums and then I reached out to them as a Jet community member. I presume you could do the same thing with any DEX. I am not very familiar with Symmetry. But I would encourage you to reach out to them if you choose to do so.



Looks like we may have another DEX guys.


it’s already on serum, has been for a little while now.

This is for Symmetry mate, a dex with an upcoming index feature, plus a whole range of other features.

Amazing! Well done.

@jrmoreau fyi

I just submitted Jet to aldrin exchange. Hope you guys dont mind.


Consider Jet Core has not spoken directly with a single DEX about listings I am very impressed with what y’all have accomplished so far. This is real community driven progress right here!