Poll users in Discord to get quantifiable data for UX/UI feedback

My first time proposing anything on the Jet forum. Please correct me and forgive me if I could improve anything on my proposal.

Our users engagement in our discord has increased significantly since our MVP launch. I would like to propose we start polling users(discord members) for UI and UX feedback that could benefit the majority.

There are some opinionated design feedback from our community and our code contributing team. However, it’s not easy to make decisions on UX/UI designs when these things are so subjective. Code contributors just end up pushing things to the side and waste time debating in the future again.

Some debated UX/UI topics: default dark theme vs light theme, font sizes, the location of the trade actions.

Others like % of users who prefer mobile, % users who would like to be able to deposit and borrow the same asset, or even some user submitted features that they’d like to see.

We have thousands of discord members so we definitely have not received enough feedback from our user base. Some members might prefer an easy way to give feedback (clicking on a checkbox) instead of making effort to write up a nice report like some members. Our users could appreciate an easy outlet for them to express themselves and they can easily see what others like as well.

There could also be a weekly poll topic.

I believe quantifiable user feedback is a great weapon we can use to make incremental improvement on Jet. It doesn’t cost any money. Just a topic and 5 minutes creating a poll.

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