[On-Chain Vote] USDC Vote is now LIVE for 7 Days

Our First On-Chain Governance Proposal is now LIVE!

The chance to participate in Jet Protocol Governance is here. Today marks the first On-chain Jet Token holder vote to confirm USDC as an asset on Jet Protocol. :classical_building::ballot_box:

Use your staked Jet Tokens to vote On-chain here: https://govern.jetassociation.org/

The on-chain Jet Token vote to confirm USDC as an asset on Jet Protocol will be live for 7 days — with last call for votes on Thursday, June 2nd, 2022

Missed yesterday’s Community Call? Catch the recording here while voting to learn about Jet’s V2 Flight Path: JetDAO Community Call | Jet V2 | #003 - YouTube

[Summary of the Assessment] - $USDC-SPL USD Coin

The following summary exposes the key points from the USDC-SPL collateral onboarding domain evaluation criteria. Click this link for the full version of the asset’s application.

The full evaluation summary can be found here .

Overall, the Jet Governance Committee endorses USDC-SPL to move forward with the On-Chain vote happening now :white_check_mark:

Community Vote Summary:

With 100% positive votes for the acquisition of USDC as collateral in Jet, the proposal has resulted in: Yes.

Community Discussion Summary:

At the same time, the comments from users in the posting have reflected great enthusiasm and motivation to continue having this asset on the platform.


Although it took few tries over past few days as the Solana had some issues, we are proud to vote on the first onchain proposal. We support the proposal as USDC, along with Dai, is one of leading stablecoins in the ecosystem.