New CODEC guiding Jet set offs

Following on the launch of Asset Onboarding Framework, Jet introduces the Collateral Onboarding Domain Evaluation Criteria (CODEC) - a set of runway lights which will guide the Governance Committee in getting new asset types up in the air. Jet will look closely at all asset onboarding applications and assess them following CODEC parameters to ensure projects and assets meet the minimum requirements for a safe flight, before handing the final decision over to the governance voters. Do note that this is the v1 of CODEC and it will keep evolving as Jet spreads its wings wider and you as community members take the steering wheel, so stay tuned and help Jet pilots keep the right course with your feedback!
Also, remember you can put an asset on Jet’s radar by filling in the Asset Onboarding Application (you can follow the USDC Onboarding Application as an example).