Native cross-chain experience in the UI

Hey :wave: I’m Max from Ren (, which some of you might recognize as being a project focused on cross-chain interoperability! We are incredibly excited by the growth of the Solana DeFi ecosystem and will be increasingly allocating more attention and resource to this ecosystem. And of course we have been following the development of Jet Protocol! :smiley:

We’re wondering what the interest is from the Jet team and community regarding enabling a native cross-chain experience directly in the UI of the Jet app after it is launched!

A native cross-chain experience means having the ability of coming to the UI of Jet, with assets located on a different chain like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon etc., and generate a deposit gateway address on Jet’s UI that accepts deposits on whichever chain they are depositing from, wraps it to Solana, and deposits into Jet in one transaction.

This feature is something all users will demand long-term, and is something that would be a differentiator early-term.

Ren has a simple JavaScript SDK (Welcome | Ren Client Docs) that lets you build this feature directly into any UI (leveraging the Ren protocol), and there are open-source UI components that can be directly copied over.

There is also the possibility of adding a bridging fee that goes to the Jet protocol, adding a revenue source.

The Ren team is available anytime for a chat and I’ll be here ready to answer any questions that you might have! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Max,


Thank you for introducing yourself and the Ren platform to the Jet community.

I also found this TL;DR for other Jet Community Members to peruse.

I agree that cross-chain functionality will eventually become a requirement for DeFi platforms to meet users expectations.

From your post it sounds like Solana as a destination is in the works? Ren’s marketing page currently only lists Ethereum and BSC.


Hey Max thanks for getting in touch!

agree that it’d be a differentiator!

we spent a lot of time early on thinking about how we could utilize bridging tech. in our white paper we discussed an idea where jet would facilitate allow cross-chain arbitrage of collateral tokens, yet we’ve actually removed the use of c-tokens altogether, as i personally feel they don’t really have a purpose even on ethereum, so we’re not actively working on a cross-chain interest rate arb strategy right now

we’re also under collateral type constraints specific to solana so we aren’t weighing the addition of a ton of new collateral types in the near future, aside from the solana blue chips, until address map accounts is implemented and we can update our codebase to take advantage of it to be able to add many more collateral types

there’s naturally a lot of complexity with bridging, and also just constraints we’re working with, but we’d love to brainstorm more integration ideas!


This is great IMO.

I love it

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