Jet Retroactive Liquidity Incentive AMA with COO James | Community Call #008 | October 26th 5:00 PM EST

Please set your calendar for our liquidity incentive AMA next week with Jet’s COO James Moreau.

It will be twitter space, so please submit any questions you may have either in the thread below, or DM us on twitter or in discord


JetDAO Community,

Here is the link for this week’s community call:

We’re excited for you to join us on 2022-10-18T21:00:00Z for a discussion on the Retroactive Liquidity Incentive, and we encourage you to also bring questions on the idea to extend of the Jet Staking Rewards has recently emerged on the forum.

Can’t make the call? Submit any questions for @jrmoreau on this thread and our host will ask them during the community call.

New Community Resource

For those interested in following the developments and operations of JetDAO more closely, we’ve created a Public Community Calendar to share information on meetings, community events, and votes. Add this shared calendar to your personal calendar by clicking on the Blue :heavy_plus_sign: at the bottom right of the screen.