Jet Protocol x Socean Finance

I am Socean Lover and I love Socean :grin: Excited for launching native token to support


I am so excited to be a part of this project. Community of this project become my second family. Small step for a man, giant step for crypto


Well, I’m here to say that I love using Socean and can’t wait anymore for the launch!


I’m huge fan of Socean so I strongly support it! :slight_smile:
It will be a huge step!

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That would be awesome! Love Socean and this partnership will benefit Jet for sure!
Big projects - Big partnership!
100% pro

Welcome to all the first time posters! I’m excited to have you in the Jet forums. We have a number of collateral proposals currently up for review. Any quantitative information you think is important to be aware of will be helpful for the Jet community to make it’s choice once token voting is enabled.

When the markets are falling, Socean is the perfect solution for saving and increasing your capital! When markets go up, Socean goes up faster. No kidding!
A “no brain” idea
I fully support this suggestion

Socean, the one who will change the rules of the game defi, I am excited about Socean and his community, glad to be part of this family!

heavy in favour of this, got my vote,cheers

I like Socean and i support this proposal! I think interaction Jet Protocol with Socean and adding scnSOL great way to get ahead

seems like a nice project. design is also realy pleasant

Предложение очень хорошее, так как это даст стабильность проекту Socean Finance !

I support this proposal! This is great way to further Solana’s decentralization. Adding scnSOL as collateral will be a big step forward to diversifying the staked platforms, so users have more choices.

This is a great way to strengthen Solana’s decentralization by making it resistant to censorship. Socean’s philosophy of using an unbiased algorithmic delegate validator to consider the health of the network when maximizing bid rewards is a win-win for Solana and its users. I’m all for it!

I`m love using Socean! And I very wait for the launch native token to support!

Hi, recently my friend recommended Socean to me and told me to study the project. I share my successes: the project turned out to be very promising, with cool funds on board. Also, which is very important, built on Solana, which I really like. I will continue to follow the project and support as much as I can.

Cool project with a great future! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Ah Jet Forum got raided.


Good project, I staked it myself and participate. great present and future

For further information about this Asset Onboarding, please take a look at the official application thread here.