Jet Fixed is live on mainnet!

It’s been a long time coming - but Jet Fixed Rate is live on Solana Mainnet along with an accompanying UI accessible at!

Jet’s Fixed Rate brings term structure to DeFi and introduces orderbook based lending – borrowers and lenders negotiate rates and terms with maker/limit and taker/market orders. Maker orders specify an amount they would like to borrow or lend, and at what rate. Takers may examine the orderbook and borrow and lend from the makers.

Jet Fixed Rate is audited by the best in the business at OtterSec and the audit report for Fixed Rate is available along with the other reports at: Audit Reports - Jet Protocol

A liquidity incentive program (LIP) is also planned to incentivise maker order borrowers and lenders for providing liquidity around the midpoint of the orderbook, as proposed and described in the Jet Community forum: J-DAP#: Liquidity Incentive Program

For a quick introduction to using the protocol, visit the website for a handy 4-step guide. If you’re seeking further knowledge or have questions, you can refer to the guide: Fixed Rate - Jet Protocol