Introducing StableNode

Key Info

Forum: @Doo, @Bobby_StableNode
Discord: Doo#3219, bobbay#4885

About StableNode

StableNode is a governance research and investment firm focused on the DeFi and NFT space. StableNode also provides a full suite of services around governance with both implementation and active participation as a delegate.

The Governance Lab of the StableNode team is on a mission to provide decentralized governance best practices to ecosystems. There is no one-size-fits-all solution but a framework of principles and tools that articulate alternative paths based on each ecosystem’s maturity level. Our primary focus is working with the community to develop this framework and continue to facilitate innovation within this domain.

Our Statement

We are looking forward to working on governance to contribute to developing a tailored framework for Jet Protocol to help advance the protocol efficiently and safely. We will use our expertise to import the most promising practices within governance to guide Jet Protocol to a more sustainable approach.

At StableNode, we have experience with DeFi protocols as we worked with some of the most prominent DeFi protocols, such as MakerDAO and InstadApp. We have first-hand experience developing and implementing a solid framework for governance, but we also recognize the importance of continuous improvement to build a robust decentralized governance system.

Through our work, we aim to identify key practices that are essential to a robust decentralized governance system and will work with the Jet Protocol community to develop a standard for decentralized governance. We want to represent a voice that acts in the communities interest in pushing governance forward, both innovative and cultivating a safe environment for decentralized governance.

At StableNode, we currently act as governance delegates across various protocols such as InstadApp, Klaytn, and MakerDAO. We are looking forward to participating in the Jet Protocol governance structure.

What we appreciate about Jet Protocol

Jet Protocol is dedicating a lot of resources to governance as its detailed governance guideline as well as blog posts show. Jet Protocol also aims to grow sustainably without short-term-focused yield-farming strategies.

In addition, as the Solana ecosystem is growing and there has been increasing demand and outlook for a more mature governance model on Solana, Jet Protocol can act as a model for many others to learn. Coupled with our experience and knowledge, we are looking forward to building a strong governance structure with Jet Protocol.


We pursue:

  • Active participation in votes
  • Transparency for each vote
  • Open discussion and contribution to the DAO forum and discord
  • Contribute to the innovation and development of governance frameworks

Nice introduction, albeit a little heavy on marketing speak. Understand if not be ready to disclose more details yet so will ask a general question. What are some specific problems you see with leading DeFi governance models and how does StableNode plan to mitigate them with Jet?


Hey, thanks for your response. Had a bank holiday weekend so didn’t see this till now.

That is a question we are currently working on. I’ll provide an overview of a few problems we’ve noticed.

  1. Voter apathy

A lack of voter participation is a consistent problem that DeFi protocols have.

Our experience working with various DeFi protocols has helped us identify a mixture of suggestions that could help mitigate voter apathy and help create an engaged community of voters within Jet Protocol.

  1. Lack of experimentation

Many DeFi protocols are not taking the opportunity to experiment with governance, which can be their downfall. Governance is a very new topic, and the lack of experience means a lot of similar mistakes are made during governance processes across protocols. Such can be researched and experimented with to try to avoid such errors.

We have worked with innovative DeFi protocols and supported them in exploring new ways to tackle governance. We would work with Jet Protocol to facilitate these discussions and encourage experimentation.

  1. The governance lifecycle

Some leading DeFi governance protocols have somewhat unclear documentation on their governance framework and the lifecycle you must follow to pass a proposal through successfully.

This obscurity prevents users from participating in governance, so only a select percentage of the token holders might get involved. We would support Jet Protocol in ensuring that they create documentation for the governance process using simple terminology and diagrams to depict the journey.

  1. Plutocracy

The large token holders may not always have direct control over protocols, but they can possess enough power to have an impact. Even though there is no clear-cut solution to this, we would continue to work with our research team and Jet Protocol to identify the best way to minimize plutocracy.


I have noticed the Solana ecosystem lacks true thought leadership when it comes to governance as well as a lack of experimentation. A lot of DAOs are comfortable w multi-sigs and proposals/votes with lack of structure

My question is – how can StableNode help position Jet as the main governance hub on Solana? How can we position ourselves to be the thought leaders in the space.

Governance structure and process, community engagement, and our flight path towards true decentralization means the world to us. We take on the challenge to lead the way in the Solana ecosystem.


Thank you for the question.

StableNode will help to make the governance more active as well as frameworks to further expand the Jet governance ecosystem. Once both Jet’s governance framework and experience grow, other protocols on Solana will likely utilize many parts of the Jet’s governance and thus allow the Jet protocol to be a thought leader in the space.