I borrowed 100 SOL, but I can't carry out now

I borrowed 100 SOL, but I can’t carry out now
I address my wallet :Hxp3Py9WrhRyxnVR1Pt1Bks76p3zTnqFMQyN4dmqWPig

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Hey @zhamomo , welcome!

To confirm, are you trying to withdraw the SOL? I see that you have 103.3 SOL in your deposit from the amount that you’ve borrowed.
Unfortunately, the SOL pool doesn’t have liquidity right now, perhaps you could wait for someone to repay or deposit into the pool, then you can withdraw.

To confirm, we’re actively monitoring the risk levels of every account, and everything’s healthy.
So I don’t think there’s risk beyond the current liquidity crunch.

You could alternatively reduce your debt by “repaying” with the 103 SOL. The repayment is notional, and wouldn’t come from your wallet.