How to Get Involved

How to get involved

The Jet Protocol team has made it clear that decentralization of the protocol is the goal. This means that we the community should feel empowered to work together on governance of the Jet Protocol.

In some of my conversations with different community members I think it’s not so clear how to become more involved.

Here’s a non exhaustive list of ways to contribute:

General Involvement

  • Discuss the topics raised in the forums
  • Submit your own topics for discussion. Basically any topic that either needs to be addressed or could improve Jet Protocol.
  • Vote or signal for or against proposals (polling coming soon to the forums)
  • Submit specific proposals on ways to improve Jet Protocol (One of my next actions will be proposing an improvement governance process. But someone else can do this too.)
  • Submit proposals on ways to improve and decentralize governance of the Jet Protocol.
  • Discuss and present at town halls, q&a’s and other calls that will occur.

Specific Roles / Groups

  • Governance Facilitator(s) - Ensures the governance processes are followed and the community is empowered in the development of the protocol.
  • Risk Analysts / Management - Maintains an awareness and monitoring of liquidations, collateral and systemic risks. Reviews and develops processes for reviewing risk of collateral asset candidates.
  • Quality Control - Facilitates testing for quality of UI/UX, code, documentation, interfaces and other deliverables of the Jet Protocol.
  • Support Personnel - For providing end user support, triaging and escalating bugs and feedback to engineering when appropriate.
  • Product Management - Works to guide the community and roadmap to ensure the commercial success and adoption of the Jet Protocol as a product. This includes vetting markets, use cases and partnerships.
  • Keeper Services - Cranks, Liquidation bots, monitoring and observability of these services.


  • Marketing
  • Print/Marketing Design
  • Video Editors
  • UI/UX Design (Web and Mobile)
  • Front End Developers
  • Back End Developers
  • Solana Developers
  • Mobile Developers (all platforms or cross platform)
  • Integration Developers

This is just a start and different roles, skills and involvement will be appropriate at different times.

For the very near term, community coordination will be the primary direction. This processes and proposals for how the community makes decisions and carries out governance will be extremely important.

If anyone wants to take on something specific, taking the Collateral Onboarding Template I proposed and work on a version of it for the Serum token.


Thanks for this explicit breakdown, well explanatory and straightforward.


Great explanation, only recently found out about the project and keen to get more involved so this is perfect thanks


Cool , I will be happy to be usefull for Jet protocol


Thanks Adam, this is helpful for someone like me hoping to break into the space. I don’t have specific experience in blockchain/solana but have experience in a range of other areas like project management and amazon alexa development. But in the end, I would also love to be useful and learn from the community.


I hope that I can be useful in the development of this project :v:


Thanks for the useful information!


Hi everyone. Sorry I have not been as active as I would like to be but I find myself thinking about “Jet” quite often throughout my daily activities. As I said before I am new to this game. I want to learn how to use the protocol as a way to create a stream of income for myself. i have kinda immersed myself into reading books to learn more. Reading “Cryptoassets” by Burniske and Tater. Interesting in Chapter 12 speaks about Valuation Framework. Getting to Know the Community and the Developers on page 182 is a very extremely valuable developmental tool that should be forged. Now as I have said I am not technically sound too offer any helpful technical expertise; at least not right now. I van say I have been involved in high level jiu jitsu communities and I can tell you success is driven by a community that forms into a family.


It’s a gonna be a very great project guys,so let’s be supportive to the community


Well explanatory, thanks!

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Thanks for the helpful background. Excited to be here

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Welcome and thanks for jumping in to the conversation!

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I’m so excited to be part of this vision, let’s see what the future holds

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Great! Web 2.0 developer here, just getting started with Web 3.0 and Solana. Will see if I can contribute in any way.

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Cryptoassets is a great start. Even if you’re not technical, staying involved in the various conversations will be very important for the success of Jet. Happy to have you!

Sidenote: I wrestled in high school and a little in college. I’ve trained jiu-jitsu at various times since I was in my twenties. I miss grappling.

Welcome! Please stay active in the conversations. Express your opinion when you disagree. The more people with informed opinions, the better.

There will be plenty opportunities for developers. What Web 2 stack are you familiar with? FE, BE?

I have worked on both Frontend and Backend (ROR, SpringBoot), with more focus towards backend. Will be building some small projects on web 3 to get some experience with smart contracts/programs. Hope to connect more after few weeks.

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Thank you. I am super intrigued with this technology and what it will bring to the world for each individual. It has the ability to empower people. Similar to jiu jitsu when it was introduced to the world. People were skeptical and critical but look where it is now. I will keep learning about this fascinating technology until I am black belt level. Thanks for letting me participate.

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That’s great!
@eyevzz Could you point towards any resources or repos that @inventionsbyhamid could look at for considering what kind of work might be available for a backend developer to contribute to Jet?

Maybe arb bots / keepers?