Governance Scribes

As I have been learning about DAOs and researching MakerDAO’s governance, one thing that has stood out to me is the amount of information and content a robust DAO like MakerDAO can generate. I imagine it would be overwhelming for some community members to keep up with everything, if they are not able to devote multiple hours a day to DAO participation.

In my opinion a DAO will function better with a large and diverse community that is informed vs a DAO that is functionally guided only by a small group with the resources and time to devote.

One way to mitigate information overload is to have people in the community that are skilled at transcribing, editing and distilling proceedings into formats that are easily consumed by the voting community members.

I came across this program that is looking to train Governance Scribes. I don’t know much about Boardroom or the program. They do seem ethereum focused but I would hope they would be willing to consider applicants working on other platforms.

I believe this will be a useful skill and worth considering if you want to contribute to JetDAO.

I’m sure a program like this is not necessary to contribute but it may be a good starting point.


looking deeper into this – :pray: for the lead


talked to Kevin at Boardroom – he said just Ethereum for now

I signed up for their updates in case, who knows may lead to something good down the line

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That’s too bad it’s limited to Ethereum. But I bet we can come up with a skillset for a role or roles like this within JetDAO. Any thoughts on what that would look like?


I don’t have a clear idea yet, but I do feel structures in my mind forming.

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Same here, I filled typeform incase. But not really we are going to be considered.


@adamdelsol any signaling tools available on Solana pre-launch of the governance module? Something like Snapshot?

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Not that I’m aware of. MangoDAO has deployed the gov module.


Yes to this 100%. Information overload is a key problem with slaying moloch. Consider relating this to xp - leverage the community to act as boardroom participants and reward key contributors. Cream will rise

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