Discord Suggestions

I recommend…

  • Adding a music/good vibes channel.
  • Adding thoughtful XP around community engagement
  • Adding POAPs to community calls
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Nice idea * Adding POAPs to community calls

Adding a trading channel , charts and setups ?

thanks for your suggestions! unfortunately all price discussions must remain external to official Jet forums

I do see a number of requests for POAP but I’m not sure what value they provide.

If you received a POAP what would you want to do with it?

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I think a poap could show which community members have been around for a while and continue to be around. The most valuable investment in anything is time. I would likely pay more attention to a community member who makes a forum post that has a long history of attendance - the idea that they are likely much more interested in seeing the success of the platform.

what way do you suggest this is implemented that can accurately represent consistent participation and be distributed effectively

I don’t think it should be a huge thing, but it would be cool to maybe just see a small badge of the number of calls (historically or recent) that a user has attended. This may encourage like minded users with similar questions, ideas or mindsets to connect and engage with each other about the platform.

This is a good consideration. The forum provides badges. Maybe there’s a way to make them more prominent?

I think with a POAP unless it’s displayed next to your name or changes your picture or something it’s hard to represent it in the forums.

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