DAO blog project

Hi all,

I’ve started a DAO blog project: https://medium.com/@ri_rionorca

The goal is to first collect all relevant sources and leads, then work through them systematically to gain wisdom on best governance practices.

Down the line, I’d like for the project to develop into a marketable book, written in an academic style — with footnotes and peer review.

Ideally, I will be able to incorporate feedback from the Jet community — and even more ideally, I will be able to donate all profits to a charity of the Jet DAO’s choosing.

My background for doing this work:

  • 10+ years academic research, including PhD work at the University of Toronto

  • 10+ years editing and publishing experience, including with several university presses

  • 10+ years of community organizing, with emphases on distributed hierarchies

  • 5+ years entrepreneurial work, which adds market experience to my academic skillset

It is my aim to dedicate the book to the Jet DAO, as I imagine this community will prove integral to the book’s development.

And as anyone who has worked on a book project knows, I will need support along the way.

For now, getting as many eyes on the project right from the start will help me most.

I imagine many of you know folks who will appreciate learning about this new resource?

Please, send them my way.

And, as the audience grows, I will know that I am doing work which others find valuable — which will encourage me to keep going and producing the highest quality product.



Oh man, this is exciting!


I’m pretty pumped by it, I must admit.

I also see an opportunity to turn the material into a course as well, prior to finalizing the manuscript.


A comprehensive resource for best governance practices is so needed in this space! Thank you for undertaking this project.
We all look forward to supporting the journey and contributing as best as we can.

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This governance reading list was super helpful for me :))

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stellar – I’ve got the links from that list added to my spreadsheet now.

any other links you come across, would you dm me on twitter

Followed! Interested in watching its development :ok_hand:t4:

certainly can if i get your twitter handle
can also connect with you via the Jet Discord or Telegram

sure thing here you go https://twitter.com/ri_rionorca

2014 sources published - https://twitter.com/ri_rionorca/status/1430923254345068548?s=20

A very welcome development, that’s a huge contribution from you. Dao resources is on high demands, i will love to get succinct & surgical resources to move this great community forward.

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2015 sources published - https://twitter.com/ri_rionorca/status/1435223105140662275?s=20

Love this. As a genesis member of Bankless DAO and OG member of FWB, I’ve become very passionate about DAO theory and slaying moloch. If we haven’t already, we should look into incorporating Coordinape into the Jet DAO. Going to subscribe to your DAO blog project now and am very excited to learn about this together.