Asset Onboarding Parameter Change - Lack of Quorum Hold Period Removed

Asset Onboarding Parameter Change - Lack of Quorum Hold Period Removed

Dear Community


  • See title.
  • Token Tuesday’s has been formally adopted.
  • A $wBTC re-vote can occur once requested by the community.


The recent Asset Onboarding Application vote for $wBTC in the JetDAO community did not reach quorum. The recent trend of Voter Apathy was cited as the caused for this change.

Several factors (outside of JetDAO’s control) were discussed as possible reason for voter apathy.

  • Bear market impacting the Solana ecosystem.
  • USDC depeg.

Additionally, the need for better communications around on-chain votes has been highlighted.


With the dual purpose of addressing voter apathy & avoiding $wBTC’s delayed addition to the protocol, the Governance Committee has removed the hold parameter.

Next Steps:

  • $wBTC Application

    • With the removal of a hold period, any community member or the asset application’s original author can request an revote on-chain by commenting in the application thread.
    • Once requested, the Vote will begin on a #TokenTuesday.
  • Communications

    • When there is an active vote set for a #TokenTuesday, a post will be made on Jet Protocols’s Substack & a notification will be sent to all subscribers. For those that wish to actively participate within JetDAO’s governance, subscribe here.
  • Community Engagement

    • Asset onboarding symbolize growth of the Jet Protocol, and as such, a call has been made to create a culture around #TokenTuesdays.
    • To support #TokenTuesdays, we will explore and experiment with different content, mediums, and communications.

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