[Asset Onboarding Application] $BONK

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Party submitting application:
Website: www.bonkcoin.com
Contact: Nom
Submission Date:
If endorsed by Jet Community Member, list here:

Application Profile

1. What is your motivation for submitting this application?

  • The purpose of this application is to provide Jet Community with details that led to Jet approving BONK as one of its listed assets.

2. What is your association to the proposed asset?

  • Core Contributor on BONK

3. What are the key benefits to the Jet Protocol for onboarding the asset?

  • The key benefits to the Jet Protocol for onboarding BONK asset may include increased trading volume, improved liquidity, and expanded access to new users in the Solana ecosystem.

4. What are the known limitations of the asset?

  • Known limitations of the asset can be: Price volatility

Project Profile

1. Please provide a brief, high-level description of the asset’s native ecosystem (project), including protocol’s type (peer-to-peer/ peer-to-liquidity/ etc.).

$BONK is the first solana-based meme coin. In its native ecosystem, $BONK can be used as a trading token across DeFi, Gaming, Betting & social platforms. $BONK is also the governance token of BONKDAO
Read more about the integrations on Solana: Here

2. Who are the founding members? What is their current involvement with the project?

Team funds where burnt and removed based on legal opinion. founding members have been replaced by a DAO council and initial contributors. See realms

3. Please indicate the ICO date, initial price and valuation of the token and total capital raised (in USD and crypto terms).

There was no ICO, public sale or private sale. the genesis event was a planned airdrop of 50% of the supply to the Solana Community.

4. How much of the capital raised via the ICO was converted into FIAT (in terms of FIAT currency and amount of tokens)?

n/a as there was no capital raise for fiat

5. What was the way of issuing and distributing the tokens? Were there pre-ICO investors?

Initial airdrop, then allocation to the Bonk DAO, and the variousfunding wallets (Team which was burnt, marketing and liquidity)

6. What is the current token distribution (project team vs. investors vs. public)?

0% investors, roughly 58% public, 15% Dao, 18% locked for contrubutors, 9% in liquidity&marketing wallets

7. Are there any fees generated by the protocol? If yes, please provide details and amounts.

No Fees directly generated by the protocol.

8. Is the protocol audited? By what firms? Please provide link(s) to the audit documentation.

BONK is built atop of Solana’s Token Standard, those audits can be viewed if necessary.

9. Is the protocol open source? If yes, please provide links to the repository.

see above

10. Other relevant project data or comments:

Asset Profile

1. Asset name:


2. Asset type (native/ wrapped):

Native SPL, however bonk has been wrapped to multiple other chains as an xAsset.

3. One-sentence description of the asset:

Bringing the fun and liquidity back to Solana as a culture token.

4. What’s the purpose of the asset within its native ecosystem?

Usable as a reward and incentivization token for both users and developers, mapping multiple protocols value propsoitions into a single speculative asset that also acts as a Governance token for the further Distribution of rewards and plans for the community.

5. Does the asset have any use outside of its native ecosystem (integrated protocols)?

BONK has been bridged to 5 separate chains as an xAsset. It will continue to be grow and be integrated outside of Solana with the goal of bringing further liquidity from outside ecosystems onto the chain.

6. Please provide all Smart Contract address. If the project is open source, detail how the Smart Contracts are implemented.


Asset Liquidity

1. What exchange(s) support the asset?

DEX: OpenBook - Orca - Jupiter - Raydium
CEX: Huobi, Gate, Bybit, MEXC and others you can view here Bonk price today, BONK to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap

2. Does the asset have liquidity on Serum? What is the liquidity depth (resting orders)?

The asset has liquidity on Openbook, and an active MarketMaker organized by the BONKDAO. It has roughly 10k in depth at time of post.

3. Please provide 7-day asset trading history (daily aggregated trading volumes for trading pair of asset with USDC).

See trading history: Solscan

4. Which oracles monitor the asset? How many feeds are available?

Primary source of truth would be from Pyth, there is also a switchbosrd oracle. BONK/USD (BONK / US DOLLAR) Oracle Price Feed | Pyth Network

5. How often does the asset drop significantly in price? Please provide a link to the price history.

See price history: Coingecko

6. For stablecoins only : Has the asset ever lost the peg? If yes, for what reason?


7. For algorithmic stablecoins only : Please provide details on the risks associated with the design.


8. For wrapped assets only : Which bridges are used? Are they custodial or non-custodial? Are they audited?

Focus is on Wormhole currently, you can view their asset custody and audits.Security | Wormhole

9. What amount of asset’s liquidity exists in the integrated protocols (if applicable)? BONK/USDC

  • Orca: 63k
  • Openbook: 36k
  • RAY: 10K

10. List any parties interested in taking part in liquidations for the proposed asset type.


Key Mechanics

1. How many active addresses/ users currently hold the asset?

320k as per Solscan

2. Please provide a brief overview of the tokenomics.

3. Is the asset supply expected to increase or decrease over time? Is there a token burn mechanism? Is the project able to mint more tokens in the future?

There is fixed supply at 100T tokens, and tokens have been burnt by independent entities, roughly 6.2T. the project cannot mint more tokens.

4. Please explain the staking mechanism (if any).


5. Please explain the slashing mechanism (if any).


6. Are there tokens on vesting schedule? If yes, what is that schedule and related vesture limitations?

20% to contributors, vested over 3 yeats linearily vis streamflow. Many grants also include a vesting portion.

7. Are any tokens allocated for specific purposes or issuance schedules (e.g. liquidity mining)?

5% allocated for initial liquidity
5% allocated for marketing
15% allocated for the BONKDAO to run a grant and funding process.

Legal Profile

1. Is the project or the asset owned by any incorporated organization?

The token will be owned by a Cayman’s Island Foundation operating as the BONK DAO.

2. In which jurisdictions was the token issued?


3. Was the token issued as part of regulatory process (e.g. securities offering)?

No it was not issued as a securities offering.

4. Was the token issued as part of fundraising process?


5. Has the project or the asset obtained any legal opinions on the regulatory standing of the token? If yes, please provide links to the relevant documentation.

Yes, a Singapore Legal Opinion.

6. Has the project or the asset had any legal interactions? If so, describe and provide documentation.



Link to project’s white paper:

Link(s) to active communities related to the project:

Link(s) to project’s documentation portal/ source code for the system(s) that interact with the proposed asset:

Link(s) to audits - both procedural and Smart Contracts:

Link(s) to legal opinions:

Link(s) to other legal material:

  • N/A

Other relevant links:

  • N/A

List all relevant Solana addresses here:

  • DezXAZ8z7PnrnRJjz3wXBoRgixCa6xjnB7YaB1pPB263

Marketing / Campaign Material

If you have additional marketing material, recorded discussions, or collateral onboarding campaign material, link here:

The poll below has been added by the JetDAO Governance Committee and is solely for signaling purposes to showcase the sentiment of the community.

Should $BONK be included as an asset type on Jet Protocol?
  • Yes
  • No

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Thanks @Nom !
Definitely the onboarding of $BONK will bring benefits to both Jet users and $BONK holders. Personally, I support this proposal and incorporation. I am excited to see this proposal moving forward!

The JetDAO Governance Committee has completed a high-level review of this Asset Application and determined the asset as acceptable to continue with the Onboarding Application. This is not an endorsement of the asset from the Governance Committee.

To continue the onboarding process, we have launched a 7-day off-chain community sentiment poll (see original application post) to gauge the interest of onboarding this asset, as well as help facilitate the community discussion.

Following the conclusion of the Poll, the Governance Committee will publish a summary of the CODEC assessment with a formal decision of allowing the Asset to move forward with the On-chain governance vote and potentially onboarding.

This Poll will run 7 days, and is used to gauge the interest of the Jet Protocol Community on Onboarding this asset as a collateral to Jet Protocol

Dear Community Members:

Below is detailed the results of the Off-Chain. Along with this, the summary of the CODEC evaluation that the $BONK asset that has received from the Governance Committee is attached.

All the $JET stakers are invited to cast their vote in the following On-Chain vote. Remember that in order to execute your vote you must have at least 1 (One) JET token deposited.

The $BONK On-Chain voting will be executed via the governance platform starting on 04/18/23 and will be live for the following 7 (Seven) days.

The collaboration is appreciated! For the latest information, visit:

[Summary of CODEC Assessment ] - $BONK

The following summary exposes the key points from the $BONK Asset Onboarding Domain Evaluation Criteria.

Overall, the Jet Governance Committee endorses $BONK to move forward with an On-Chain vote.

The full CODEC Evaluation Summary can be found here.

Community Vote Summary:

The $BONK sentiment off-chain community poll has concluded with a 100% favorable vote.

Dear Community:

The on-chain governance vote for onboarding $BONK on Jet Protocol has concluded.

The poll to include $BONK as an asset for trading, lending and borrowing conlcuded with 97% of the vote, and approxiately 2.09M tokens, voting IN FAVOR.

In case you want to review the $BONK application, community discussion, and CODEC Summary, please go to this link.

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