Addressing the Slope/wallet drain issue

Curious what folks are thinking about the wallet drain hack that is ongoing that seems to be related to Slope (so far). Is this worth re-evaluating which wallets should have default access permission/integration with Jet Protocol? I’m interested to hear what the community thinks on this.

This is certainly not meant to pile onto Slope - just given that not all of the code is open source and my time at Metamask and Lunie I’ve seen some wild stuff happen regarding attack vectors - is giving every possible wallet access to a Dapp the best way to go or should there be scrutiny on which ones and why?

Interested in everyone’s thoughts on this.

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If people aren’t requesting a certain wallet, I don’t see the reason to allow an extra attack vector.

Wallets could probably just be voted on like asset onboarding.

Also not sure if any of the wallets are Ian. :stuck_out_tongue: